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    How To: Build a Kegerator

    With Kegerators becoming more and more ubiquitous in the homebrew and craft beer enthusiast community, we wanted to share a great instructional manual on how to build a kegerator using the kit we sell.Whether you are a homebrewer or own a bar or restaurant, a kegerator might be the beer dispensing solution you’re looking for. Instead of spending 1000’s of dollars, why not build your own? It’s easy and much less expensive! Everything you need to know can be found here!

    Of course, you can buy all the parts separately, or mix and match own your own. The overall process is the same regardless.

    No matter what route you choose, if you want to build a kegerator, you need a refrigerator to start. A great place to look is Craigslist for used ones or check out a local HVAC repair service and see if they have any old ones lying around.

    Once you get that, make sure you know where in the fridge you can drill holes without hitting any cooling coils. That would ruin its ability to keep your beer cold and defeat the purpose.

    Ultimately, once you have a working refrigerator, it doesn’t take much more outside a kegerator kit to build a kegerator. Below is a virtual e-book of instructions on how to do it and some supplementary info for the novices out there. You can also download a PDF version of the instructions and print them off yourself!

    Good luck, and enjoy!

    Download instructions how to build a kegerator as a PDF