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    Jockey Box Lookbook

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    Jockey Box Lookbook

    With this Lookbook, you can see how a jockey box is configured and plan out your own build. Prices are listed on the image, when you hover over you’ll see the name.

    A complete shipping list for a two product jockey box can be found below.

    Shopping List

    1 – 50 ft Right-Hand Rolled Coil

    50ft 304 Stainless Steel Right-Hand Coil for Draft Beer Jockey Box

    1 – 50 ft Left-Hand Rolled Coil

    50ft 304 Stainless Steel Left-Hand Coil for Draft Beer Jockey Box

    2 – 3″ Pass Thru Shank

    3" Pass Through Shank

    4 – Beer Wing Nuts

    Beer Wing Nut

    12 ft – 3/8 Clear PVC Tubing


    From: $0.85 Add to Cart

    2 – Sankey “D” Style Keg Coupler

    (For American Beers)

    Sankey D Keg Coupler

    4 – Beer Hex Nut Washers

    beer hex nut

    From: $0.50 Add to Cart

    12 ft – Red 5/16 CO2 Tubing


    From: $0.85 Add to Cart

    1 – CO2 Tee (Not Pictured)
    To split your lines to go to both kegs

    CO2 Tee, Clear Plastic

    1 – CO2 Regulator

    Primary CO2 Regulator

    1 – 5lb CO2 Cylinder

    5lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder

    4 – 3/8″ Barbed Tailpiece

    Barbed 3/8 Tailpiece

    2 – 3″ Faucet Shanks

    2 – Beer Faucets

    chrome beer faucet

    2 – Black Plastic Handles

    Black Plastic Knob, Beer Faucet Tap Handle

    4 – 18.5 Oetiker Clamps


    6 – 16.2 Oetiker Clamps

    Oetiker Stepless Single Ear Hose Clamps

    From: $0.33 Add to Cart

    If the idea of building your own Jockey Box seems a bit daunting, you can always rope us into doing it… for a fee, of course…

    Two Tap Jockey Box
    $340.00 Add to Cart
    Two Tap Jockey Box w/ 50′ coils